What to expect in this course

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Are you interested in deepening your practice or want to explore becoming a yoga teacher but you don't have the time to dedicate three months to training? You need to know you don't have to complete 200 hours of in person training to be a great yoga teacher. This misconception has spread through the yoga community but it is misleading and untrue. That's why we created a training that combines both technology and experience to deliver an incredible training in a fraction of the time. This changes everything!


In this training you receive:

  • Custom text book (written by lead instructor)
  • Downloadable YTT manual
  • 7-week of guided meditations with e-book (bundled for free in this course)
  • Over 150 training slides
  • Asana Manual of over 60 yoga poses
  • Instructional videos
  • Library of live recorded classes for practice
  • Prebuilt yoga sequences for practicing