Athletes, martial artists, yogis and warriors throughout time have accessed the power of the breath. While the physiological and psychological benefits to proper breathing have been a topic of much research the average person only breathes with about 25% of their total capacity. Many people have an inverse breathing pattern, and even more have an elevated stress response that is directly related to their breathing.

This course is specifically for those who want to unleash the power of breathing to steady their mind, lower their stress, and improve their bodies ability to create and maintain energy!

Benefits of this course include:

• Awareness quiz to understand your current state.

• Understanding how your breathing produces energy.

• How to correct a dysfunctional breathing pattern.

• Common pollutants in your home that effect your breathing.

• The 13 best house plants to purify your air.

• Pranayama practices to steady your mind and create more energy.

Improve Your Health and Home For Less Than A Single Fitness Class


Breathing Course

Anatomy Of Breathing
Breathing Practices
Improving Your Air Quality at Home