Should you cross-fit, cross train or weight train; run or swim; yoga or Pilates; reformer or mat; machines or aerobics; blades or bars; P-90X or TRX? Should you be a vegetarian or vegan; a pescitarian or paleo; gluten free or whole grains; Kombucha or Suja; coffee or tea? Salt is bad but sea salt is good. Fish are good but mercury is bad. 

With so many choices and so many “right” answers, do you have what it takes to be healthy? Does anyone? While the FDA pumps out food pyramids on what to eat, the CDC pumps out charts of a growing trend of obesity in America. It isn’t hard to find facts and research to support the claim that people are getting bigger and bigger, and sicker and sicker. If we have so many solutions what gives? 

What is apparent to me is the simple fact that, in today’s health and fitness world, robust health requires at the very minimum three very important things: awareness, education and DISCIPLINE. 

Salad with Olive Oil

This Course Includes:

• Awareness Quiz

• How to choose your macronutrient ratios

• Understanding the myths about Fat and why it's so good for you

• The 10 rules for a healthy diet

• Why you're not just what you eat

• Slide deck from nutrition lectures given by the author

• Keys to proper food prep

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