Awareness • Education • Discipline

• Awareness Quiz

• How to choose your macronutrient ratios

• Understanding the myths about Fat and why it's so good for you

• The 10 rules for a healthy diet

• Why you're not just what you eat

• Slide deck from nutrition lectures given by the author

• Keys to proper food prep

• Awareness quiz to understand your current state.

• Understanding how your breathing produces energy.

• How to correct a dysfunctional breathing pattern.

• Common pollutants in your home that effect your breathing.

• The 13 best house plants to purify your air.

• Pranayama practices to steady your mind and create more energy.

• Eliminate anxiety caused by a racing mind

• Create an attitude of gratitude

• Lower day-to-day stress levels

• Improve your ability to focus on tasks without getting distracted

• Improve professional performance

• Improve memory

• Improve relationships

• Education on the circadian rhythms and their importance

• Active rest yoga videos to help restore and recover

• Guided meditations for passive rest and gratitude

• How to out SCORE stress

• How to change your relationship with stress to make you stronger

• Downloadable slides from lectures and presentations

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• No more calorie counting diets

• No more needless stress

• No more dragging out of bed

• No more wasted time on gimmicks, tricks and silver bullet fixes

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